Barcelona, Spain Traveling for Business or Pleasure

Barcelona, Spain Traveling for Business or Pleasure

Date : Mar 29, 2019
Travelling for Business and Pleasure?

See you at Spannabis!– Barcelona, Spain hosts the largest cannabis-community gathering in Europe, every March. Spannabis is the reference trade show for the cannabis sector worldwide. Sixteen years of culture, innovation and cannabis industry, hand in hand with the most outstanding brands of the moment.

Shocking ! – It’s illegal to buy or sell weed in Spain. In addition, you cannot possess and consume it in public. YEAH, I know, maybe everyone does it, but possession of cannabis in Barcelona’s street is penalised with HUGE fines and confiscation.

Don’t fret, Barcelona’s cannabis clubs have a way around it. Spain’s uses a system of collective cultivation and social clubs to provide most people with quality marijuana without creating commercialized storefront systems.

Cannabis isn’t ‘bought or sold’ here, instead you can become a member of the collective. Technically you are not directly paying for drugs, your fee goes to a share of what’s grown and distributed amongst the members as well as upkeep for the club. Some clubs have over 5000 members! You can join by invitation only, tourists can apply for membership. has put together a guide for doing this. Check out for clubs currently accepting members.

To enjoy your trip, avoid these pitfalls

• Don’t buy weed from a street dealer! – You aren’t at home now, don’t take the risk when you have a perfectly legal alternative.
• Don’t follow street cannabis club street promotors to coffeeshops! It’s illegal for a cannabis café to promote on the street. If they don’t care about breaking the law, they probably don’t care about the quality of their weed or you – don’t support these shady practices.
• Don’t ask to buy weed in the cannabis clubs! It’s a small quirk of the system but get used to it. It’s not a weed store, it’s a members group. It’s a legal loop-hole and you are benefiting from it – so just ask if you can have some and don’t use the ‘b’ word. Simple.
• Don’t smoke weed in the streets! It can be very tempting but Barcelona authorities will take great pleasure in busting you for having a fat spliff hanging from your mouth. Smoke weed only in the cannabis clubs or in the privacy of someone’s home – not on the street.
• Don’t keep weed on you! Ok, this one is a little harder. You probably want to find a tasty weed strain and keep it on you for a later visit. No one likes to throw their weed away. The police here are very active and seem to be everywhere. If you are going to buy weed in Barcelona, keep it in your underwear. The police need a warrant to search under your clothes. Or just be extra careful that you don’t give the police a reason to search you when you are carrying weed.
• Attend the club with ID – Cannabis clubs in Barcelona are responsible for their members so they will want proof of who you are. Many will also take an extra picture of you for their records. If you do something dangerous or illegal while at the club the other members are responsible for making sure you are dealt with properly.

There you have it, a simple guide to getting weed in Barcelona as a tourist. It’s not difficult, it’s not illegal and it is fun. Barcelona has some of the coolest weed coffeeshops in Europe and there is no reason why you can’t get involved. Just be aware of the laws and the rules and you’ll be fine… and remember to take your ID!