Let’s Go For Coffee and Space Cakes in Amsterdam

Let’s Go For Coffee and Space Cakes in Amsterdam

Date : Mar 29, 2019

The stunning canals and liberal attitudes of this European city have been a draw for many people believing cannabis is legal in The Netherlands. In actuality the government just tolerates possession of 5 grams of weed or less, while sales and consumption is permitted in the city’s infamous “coffee shops”
We raise our cups in thanks to Amsterdam, these landmark coffee shops were the prime arguments for marijuana- law reform in the United Stats throughout the 1970s and ‘80s.

Don’t worry about rumors that tourists have been banned from buying pot; that’s only happening in the smaller Dutch cities located on the country’s borders. Amsterdam still welcomes travellers, age 18 and older, to enjoy their coffee shops.

You are allowed to buy only 5 grams – and don’t smoke any tobacco inside, since like Canada, the Dutch have banned almost all smoking indoors. However, Space Cakes, more commonly known as pot brownies or hash brownies, go great with a cup of coffee as you relax before heading out to enjoy a gondola ride through the ‘best acoustics in the world’.

If you can make it in late July, take in the vibrant Luanjuweel Festival, one of the cultural highlights of the year in Ruigoord, a village that was squatted by a group of artists in the ’70s and has since become a blossoming artistic community. The annual festival every August is truly independent so don’t expect big-name DJs or bands, but its programming will leave a lasting impression.